2020 - Sayı 25

Ferat KAYA 

Globalization, which has far-reaching effects, transforms many phenomena with it. The phenomenon of urbanization, which has a direct relationship with globalization, becomes a structure increasing economic growth at a certain level together with industrialization where social, economic and political transitions and even inconsistencies are experienced. Cities transformed by the effects of globalization lead to the formation of new cities and, in association with this, new problems. Cities that have become centers of consumption have developed into a structure where the economic gap between the inhabitants, the polarization with socio-cultural differences, and the chaos with spatial and environmental changes are effective. Cities that are struggling with problems such as the exclusion of city-dwellers, changing the city silhouette in accordance with the demands of capital owners, and social inequality are now attracting the attention of many branches of science. Overpopulation, migration, sustainable development, and environmental problems, which are among today's problems, increase with the phenomenon of urbanization. The transformation of cities with globalization is the main focus of this study. The effects of this transformation on cities constitute the purpose of this study. This study which deals the current state of cities, by examining the relationship between globalization and urbanization, aims to contribute to the field of social sciences in this regard.

Anahtar Kelime
Küreselleşme,  Yerelleşme,  Küyerelleşme,  Kentleşme,  Küresel Kentler 

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